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Scarecrow also known as Dr. Jonathan Crane has been a phenomenal villain from the comic book series “Batman”. He’s known for being the master of fear, by using a toxic fear gas to stun his enemies, and rule all of Gotham.

After the events of Arkham Knight, I find his character to be fascinating since he was the only one to unmask the Batman’s true identity, so now everybody knows that nobody should be feared by a man in a suit. Or should they?

Crane maybe behind bars, but that doesn’t mean that victims shouldn’t be feared by those who can inflict fear on them, and we are one of them. Here at Scarecrow’s Liar anyone can join and fight the ones who think that fear is a myth, and no one is scared. Feel free to join, show Crane that you are part of his cult, and let everyone know that fear is caused by those who follow Scarecrow.

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